Location, Location, Location

If you don’t have herpes, it’s likely you haven’t spent a whole lot of time thinking about where people get them. Yes there’s the mouth or the genitals, but there’s a whole lot more to consider than up or down. Some of the various sensitive bits are more sensitive than others, so when you get painful sores on the more sensitive bits, it’s much more uncomfortable than it might be otherwise. As someone with genital herpes, I get sores all over the place, from my butt cheeks to my labia to my mons. The first day with herpes usually means I won’t sleep very well and will feel generally cranky and under the weather. But if those sores are near my clit or my ass, one day of discomfort can stretch into three with the first two being so painful that I take tylenol and can’t ride my bike. I find this moving about business to be pretty strange and frustrating. Do others have the same experience? I was lead to believe when I contracted herpes that I would get sores in the same place, the place of first contact over and over, and I’ve read almost nothing that talks about this phenomenon. So, is it just me? Or do you also have a wide range of eruption sites? I love the term eruption sites, I think that was what the very first pamphlet I ever read called them..



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  1. I used to get breakouts all over too. They were never in the same place it seemed. I have no idea why, and I always read that the virus was in one area and would come alive with certain triggers such as fatigue, or stress.


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