Herpes…where I am at.

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Well, tis Feb 2012.  I have been on OKC (OK Cupid) for a couple of months now and have met with two women.

I have answered all questions on OKC truthfully including the HSV question and haven’t had any feedback on it yet other than from the two women mentioned above whom I told straight up that I am a carrier of HSV-2.  They both took it well, the first was quite nice about it but made it clear she didn’t want to “catch it”, which was the end of any possible sex right there and the second just didn’t bother replying to my text saying thanks for the meet?

Have been on suppressive medication for about 4 weeks now and have noticed a 50% change in feelings (tingles etc on/around my genitals) so that is the 500mg Valtrex working I gather.

So how did I get it?

My second serious girlfriend L gave it to me as a parting gift I gather, but I have no proof.  I am not and never have been too worried/vindictive by this as I deserved it in that I was totally oblivious to STI or D’s for Disease (Infection is a much nicer word) as they were termed then and was a danger to anyone whom I slept with because I didn’t use protection or any brains during intercourse whatsoever.  I explain this a little more here(profanity warning…I like to swear on my blog so if that isn’t for you then just stay here!).

I then gave it to my current partner but she for whatever reason was OK with it prior to us sleeping together and I am so fortunate for that.  To this day the virus doesnt worry her too much and she doesnt take anti-viral’s which leads me to believe my theory that for me the virus comes on primarily when I get the guilt’s up about having it.  She is very chilled out and obviously it just doesn’t attack her or very rarely and in any strength??

So where to now?

Well, to be honest I have definately thought about playing the “I dont need to tell you card” in that knowing that I am on suppressive medication is enough and that I should just get out there and enjoy safe sex and not think about the virus too much or at all.

That is great theory wise but I have worried about this virus for 17 years whenever sex has presented as a posssibility and thus I really dont know how I will make that transition or if I can?

My great hope is to meet other women who are carriers where we can get together and enjoy each other and hopefully through that I might build some confidence again to stand alongside the new honest me.

Anyway, here’s to onwards and upwards.

Thanks to Shelley for creating this blog and also to Charlie Glickman for linking Shelley’s blog on Twitter.


original post – http://allhandsondick.wordpress.com/


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jessie on February 6, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    Sorry for your story. I am luckier than you. I have met some great members at SingleHerpes . com and 2 of them show the interest to get the next step with me. I am on the way to make the choice.


  2. […] are talking, writing and telling their stories.  One of my favourite posts so far talks about negotiating herpes disclosure in the world of online dating. Another explores the challenges of managing oral herpes with multiple […]


  3. Posted by anita on March 8, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    I live in Toronto. I live in fear of telling someone. I told a man 7 years ago, I am was not enthused to his reaction. 2 months later, (after he said get out of my life) he wanted to go back with me which I couldn’t take him back because of him abandoning me. 7 years have gone by and this H has made me very selective in who I should get involved with yet even if there is a chance which means I think the guy is a potential this fear of how to test him or bring H up is stressful. Are there any suggestions in how to overcome my fear of disclosure.


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